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November 13, 2015
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December 11, 2015
Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

When a Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturing client was looking for the perfect concrete flooring system for their plant they knew just whom to partner with: Floorcare USA, Inc., of Waukesha, WI.

Manufacturing clients have two types of flooring systems to choose from for their plants: Polished Concrete or Epoxy Coated Concrete with a Urethane top coat system.
Floorcare USA is considered to be on the finest installers of Polished concrete floors in Wisconsin and one of the very best installers of epoxy coated concrete floors with urethane to coats and we have the awards to prove it.
For this particular Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturer both polished concrete and epoxy coated concrete with urethane top coat were the correct choice.
Floorcare USA, Inc., met with the client and really listened to the performance needs of this Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturer exactly what type of performance it was they would need from their concrete plant floors.

It was decided that the very best concrete floor system would be Polished Concrete with concrete dye and concrete stain in blue to the traffic aisles and a white epoxy coated concrete with white urethane top coat system for the work cells.
In reviewing the project with Floorcare USA, Inc., the client decided they wanted the hardest concrete cap possible for their traffic aisles while providing for the easiest type of maintenance and polished concrete floors certainly does provide for this.
In the work cell area’s the client decided that maximum amount of light reflectivity was important in the work cells along with concrete floors that were extremely resistant to chemical attack which is what epoxy coated concrete with a urethane top coat system provides for.

For this Milwaukee Wisconsin manufacturing client the traffic aisles were mechanically diamond grinded and a sequential concrete diamond polishing process up to 800 grit diamond levels was performed, applying the blue concrete dye concrete stain system at the appropriate point in the process along with filling all the concrete control joints with polyurea joint filler. Once the mechanical portion of the polished concrete process was performed, the concrete was chemically hardened and chemically densified and then concrete guard was applied and the concrete was burnished to a high sheen.
This concrete flooring system offers the client a very hard, very durable and very easy to maintain floor.

For the work cell area’s at this Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturing facility the concrete control joints were diamond saw clean and then the concrete was mechanically steel shot-blasted to a CSP3 concrete surface profile and then one coat of epoxy coatings for concrete primer system in white was installed and allow to tack, then an epoxy coating for concrete in white was installed as a base coat and allowed to fully cure.
Once the epoxy coated concrete base coat had fully cured, Floorcare USA then mechanically sanded the epoxy coated concrete to provide for a mechanical bond profile and then a top coat of Chemical Resistant Urethane Coatings for concrete was applied in high-gloss white for maximum light reflectivity.
This Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturing clients work cells are now highly light reflective and have extreme chemical resistance properties.
This particular project show cases Floorcare USA, Inc., ability to not pigeonhole its clients into a “one size fits” all type solution.

We LISTENED to our client and then helped to engineer for them a concrete flooring system what was customized the to the specific traffic patterns and uses of the plant.
If properly cleaned and maintained this Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturing clients polished concrete floors and epoxy coated concrete floors with urethane top coat system will deliver years of reliable service.

Dan Koutecky
Dan Koutecky
Dan is a Technical Sales representative for Floorcare USA with 16 years experience in concrete coatings and polished concrete. Foreman for 11 years, Sales for 5 years. Member of the American Concrete Institute, Wisconsin Chapter and also a member of the Concrete Polishing Council. (262) 786-0770 Ext. 115

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