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Polished Concrete | Milwaukee, WI
December 2, 2015
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December 16, 2015

Often times clients with concrete needs in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, the State of Wisconsin, Chicago, Northern Illinois, and the State of Illinois are faced with situation where their concrete is so beat up and deteriorated that they think they need new concrete.

But there is a better way, a more time friendly, cost friendly and better performing solution called: Concrete Cap Resurfacing.
When compared to the cost and expense of removing and existing slab of concrete, disposing of the waste and debris of the old concrete, then pouring new concrete and waiting for it cure before it can then be used concrete cap resurfacing is the better option.
Typically concrete cap resurfacing can be performed in 2-4 days, with a much lower impact on the business in terms of dust, debris, heavy machinery and impact on operations.

Concrete cap resurfacing consists of the following process:

  1.  Scarification or milling of the surface to remove the layer of concrete that is bad/damaged; typically ¼” up to 6” deep
  2.  Application of a primer coat of bonding agent to the freshly prepped surface
  3. Application of the selected resurfacing system based on the clients need: cementitious mortar screed, urethane modified cement or epoxy mortar
  4. Application of the top coat system for wear or decorative system based on the look and appearance that the client desires.

Concrete cap resurfacing systems offer many advantages when compared to removing existing concrete and pouring new concrete:

  1.  Saves time
  2. Saves money
  3.  Less impact on your business
  4. Is STRONGER and MORE DURABLE than concrete; average concrete is 3500 psi, concrete cap resurfacing systems are 6,000 to 15,000 psi in strength.
  5. Better chemical resistance and wear resistance than concrete; concrete cap resurfacing systems incorporate all the benefits of coated surfaces.

When faced with a damaged, eroded or beat up concrete slab surface stop and consider a concrete cap resurfacing system before you go down the path or removing your concrete and pouring new concrete.

Dan Koutecky
Dan Koutecky
Dan is a Technical Sales representative for Floorcare USA with 16 years experience in concrete coatings and polished concrete. Foreman for 11 years, Sales for 5 years. Member of the American Concrete Institute, Wisconsin Chapter and also a member of the Concrete Polishing Council. (262) 786-0770 Ext. 115

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