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December 11, 2015
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January 13, 2016

Polished Concrete


When a Brookfield, Wisconsin business owner was looking for the perfect floors to install at has new: indoor gun range, fire arms training center, fire arms safety center, retail fire arm center and club he decided to partner with Floorcare USA, Inc., out of Waukesha, Wisconsin to design and engineer the perfect flooring systems.

Concrete flooring systems are the perfect type of floor for a gun range facility as they are: durable, easy to clean, easy to maintain, high traction and beautiful.
For this Brookfield, Wisconsin business owner his concrete floors were a very important design component in his achieving the exact look in this new facility.
Floorcare USA of Waukesha, Wisconsin met with the Brookfield, Wisconsin business owner to help him engineer the perfect concrete flooring system for his new business.
After much discuss, research and site evaluation it was decided that this Brookfield, Wisconsin business owner would be best served with a polished concrete flooring system for his Brookfield, Wisconsin business.

Polished Concrete floors are the perfect type of concrete floor for a commercial business as they possess all the qualities an owner would look for in a floor:

  • Durable
  • Beautiful
  • Sustainable
  • Easy to clean
  • High traction under wet conditions
  • Unique

For this Brookfield, Wisconsin based business that selected polished concrete floors for his new facility, Floorcare USA out of Waukesha, Wisconsin performed the following concrete flooring services to achieve the perfect Polished Concrete floors:

  • Testing of the concrete surfaces was performed
  • Sample diamond grinds of the concrete slab was performed
  • Testing of different concrete dye and concrete stains was performed to achieve the desired color

Once all testing was completed and the design and engineering phase of the polished concrete project was complete, Floorcare USA performed the following process:

  • Mechanical diamond grind of the concrete slab to prep the concrete
  • Hand grinding and edge detail work to all edges and corners
  • Diamond grinding of the concrete control joints and filling of the concrete control joints with polyurea joint filler
  • Concrete patching and troweling of chips, divots and defects with fast cure concrete patching compound and troweling smooth and level
  • Sequential concrete diamond polishing process up to 800 grit levels
  • Application of the client selected concrete dye and concrete stain in selected dilute rate to the concrete slabs
  • Application of concrete sealer, concrete densifier and concrete hardener to the surface
  • Polishing of the concrete surface up to 1500 grit levels and then a high speed burnish of the concrete surface with an application of Concrete Guard to improve the stain resistance of the concrete slab.

Once completed this Brookfield, Wisconsin business owner has a polished concrete slab that is beautiful and will maintain its beauty and give the business owner years of reliable service if maintained properly.

Dan Koutecky
Dan Koutecky
Dan is a Technical Sales representative for Floorcare USA with 16 years experience in concrete coatings and polished concrete. Foreman for 11 years, Sales for 5 years. Member of the American Concrete Institute, Wisconsin Chapter and also a member of the Concrete Polishing Council. (262) 786-0770 Ext. 115

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