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When a Chicago, Illinois manufacturing client was looking for the perfect concrete coating system for their new manufacturing and production floors they got in touch with Floorcare USA, Inc., out of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Floorcare met with this Chicago, IL manufacturing client and learned about their operations and the specific type of abuses that their concrete floors will receive.

Floorcare USA, Inc., and this Chicago, IL manufacturer decided on the Florock epoxy slurry resurfacing system with a top coat of Florock Coatings Industrial concrete urethane coating system: system 7100, which is a satin finish, high traffic urethane coating.

First the manufacturing floors were mechanically steel shotblasted and all of th edges were mechanically diamond grinded to provide for a clean and mechanical-bond surface for the epoxy concrete coating slurry system.

Once the concrete was prepped, the concrete surface was primed with epoxy, concrete primer system and then the epoxy concrete slurry system was applied in an even and uniformed thickness.

Once the slurry system was installed and fully cured, it was mechanically abraded and Floorcare USA, Waukesha, WI then mapped out the pedestrian traffic aisles and safety striping for the floors.

In addition the aisles, Floorcare USA, Inc., and this Chicago, IL manufacturing client collaborated on floor safety signs and custom 4 x 4 floor logo system as part of the floors.

Once the layout was installed, Floorcare USA, Inc., abraded the floors and installed a top-coat of Florock System 7100 High Traffic System urethane in gray to the main body of the plant, blue to the pedestrian aisles and safety yellow to off-set the aisles from the main body of the plant.

Florock System 7100 was selected because:

Its an excellent protective coating for high traffic floors because of its high chemical and wear resistant properties. It can be installed over existing coatings that are well bonded and properly prepared. It provides 50% greater wear resistance than conventional Urethane. The Florock High Traffic Urethane system is also an attractive floor finish that maintains a low sheen, amber resistant appearance over time. It makes floors easier to clean and prevents concrete dusting.

Typical Uses, Applications: Ideally suited for high traffic areas which are exposed to chemicals or direct sunlight, such as:

  • Hangar floors
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Auto & motorcycle dealerships
  • Loading docks
  • Aisle ways
  • Ramps

Product Advantages:

  • Light stable, 100% Aliphatic
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent wearing properties
  • Low sheen finish with pumice-like texture
  • Quick turnaround time
  • A variety of colors can be achieved with the addition of Florock Universal Colorants


This Chicago, IL manufacturing plant has a beautiful, durable, high-performing concrete epoxy and urethane coated floor that will offer years of reliable service.


Floorcare USA is based in Waukesha, Wisconsin and has a strong client base in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Madison, Southeastern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Chicago. But our name includes “USA” for a good reason. Our company travels across the United States providing long term quality floor coating solutions that make sense for business.

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Dan Koutecky
Dan Koutecky
Dan is a Technical Sales representative for Floorcare USA with 16 years experience in concrete coatings and polished concrete. Foreman for 11 years, Sales for 5 years. Member of the American Concrete Institute, Wisconsin Chapter and also a member of the Concrete Polishing Council. (262) 786-0770 Ext. 115

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