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When a Columbus Ohio, fixed base operation (FBO) was seeking the finest epoxy coated concrete flooring system for their beautiful new hangar they sought out a Wisconsin Epoxy Flooring contractor with a reputation for providing the best epoxy and urethane concrete floor coating systems: Floorcare USA, Inc., a Milwaukee, Wisconsin area provider located in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin suburb of: Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Floorcare USA met with the client in a very detailed pre project planning meeting to discuss the specific performance requirements of the hangar, concrete mix design and placement and project phasing.
The FBO aviation client also viewed some previous epoxy coated concrete top coated with urethane at a Milwaukee, Wisconsin facility and Madison, Wisconsin facility that Floorcare USA had performed.

These site visits and pre-project planning meetings helped Floorcare USA, Inc., out of Waukesha, Wisconsin to help this Columbus, Ohio FBO Aviation client to engineer the perfect epoxy coated concrete flooring system to fit their needs.
Floorcare USA, Inc., settled on Tennant Coatings as the material vendor of choice as Tennant Coatings makes some of the highest performing concrete coatings on the market for aviation hangars.

Once all the project planning meetings were completed and the client had an understanding of what they needed from a performance standpoint, Floorcare USA then helped the client to design their floor to not only perform functionally, but to also be a work of art that accents the beautiful aircraft.

The client decided on a CUSTOM GRAY colorant for the body of floor in High Gloss, with a custom blue colorant pedestrian aisle way in a satin finish and to really make a statement a 55’ foot long custom, hand placed, hand designed logo in a secondary custom blue colorant…that Is not a type…a 55-foot long logo!
Once all the engineering and design steps for this Columbus, Ohio Aviation hangar concrete floor system were completed, Floorcare USA, Inc., out of Waukesha, Wisconsin engaged to implement the flooring system.

First Floorcare USA mechanically steel shot blasted the concrete to a CSP3/CSP4 blast profile and applied Tennant Coatings ECO-MVR epoxy concrete coatings primer system. Tennant ECO-MVR is specifically engineered to withstand moisture levels 3-times higher than standard epoxy coatings providing this Columbus FBO with both short-term and long-term peace of mind that slab on grade moisture levels will not degrade or damage their hangar floors.

Once the Tennant Coatings ECO-MVR system was placed and cured, Floorcare USA then installed Polyurea joint filler to the all the control joints but not to the expansion joints and shaved them flushed.
Once the joint work and ECO-MVR primer coats were installed Floorcare USA, then installed a base coat of Tennant Coatings ECO-GPE with silica slurry additive in custom gray colorant to allow for additional thickness and hardness to the floors and to aid in concealing the aggressive shot blast lines of the floors.
Once the ECO-GPE slurry coat was installed, Floorcare USA, Inc., then mechanically abraded the floor to further smooth and level the surface out.

Once the epoxy base coat was sanded, Floorcare USA, then installed second base coat of Tennant ECO-MPE in the custom gray colorant and allowed to fully cure. Once this base coat cured, Floorcare USA abraded the floor again and applied a third base coat of Tennant ECO-MPE in custom gray colorant and allowed to fully cure.
Once this third base coat of epoxy was cured, Floorcare USA then abraded the floors a third time and had its finest team of top coat rollers on hand to install the top coat system: Tennant Coatings ECO-HPS High Performance System; which is an ultra-high performance, high solids urethane top coat system.

Floorcare then let the glossy urethane top coat system cure and taped off the floor to install the custom blue decorative border in Tennant Coatings Wear Guard HTS – High Traffic System satin finish. This decorative border system provides for a super sharp contrast to the glossy main floor, while providing the client with a safe, high traction walkway for pedestrian foot traffic.
Once the main body of the floor was completed, the truly artistic side of the project commenced: The Custom Floor Logo.
The Columbus, Ohio FBO client provided Floorcare USA, Inc., with a precise digital image of their corporate logo and Floorcare USA, Inc., then had a template created in 50-separate sheets.
Floorcare USA., then placed the template on the floor and through a series of precise measurements utilizing laser line levels, tape lines and a compass, the template was laid out by hand, in a painstakingly detailed process.
Once the 55-foot wide custom floor logo template was set and in place, all tape and measurement tabs were pulled from the surface to reveal the floor template.

Once the floor template was in place, Floorcare USA, Inc., then mechanically abraded the HPS custom gray surface inside the template for a clean and bondable surface and applied Tennant Coatings CRU-Chemical Resistant Urethane in custom blue colorant and allowed it to tack, then applied a second coat of blue in custom colorant and allowed to tack and then applied a third coat of CRU in clear and allowed to tack, then pulled the template cleanly along edges to ensure a razor tight edge to the logo.
This Columbus FBO now has one of the world’s most beautiful epoxy and urethane aviation floors/hangars that will provide years of reliable performance.

It was truly a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing project and many thanks goes to Tennant Coatings and all their help, the General Contractor and specifically their site superintendent for all his problem solving and of course the client for embracing such a beautiful concept in a hangar floor!


Floorcare USA is based in Waukesha, Wisconsin and has a strong client base in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Madison, Southeastern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Chicago. But our name includes “USA” for a good reason. Our company travels across the United States providing long term quality floor coating solutions that make sense for business.

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Dan Koutecky
Dan Koutecky
Dan is a Technical Sales representative for Floorcare USA with 16 years experience in concrete coatings and polished concrete. Foreman for 11 years, Sales for 5 years. Member of the American Concrete Institute, Wisconsin Chapter and also a member of the Concrete Polishing Council. (262) 786-0770 Ext. 115

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